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James Gerrard - Expressions in Light

Fine oil painter James Gerrard has a special gift for capturing the essence of his subjects by enhancing the natural light and exploring the infinite details, impacting the viewer with depth, heightened colors, and continually renewed levels of intriguing expression.

Born in Chicago, longtime resident of Southern California, Gerrard is currently a full time resident painting in France.

Drawing from childhood inspiration, his timeless depictions of life and nature, both intimately close and panoramic, reflect a merging of classical and impressionist styles. Trained in the tradition of classical painters to achieve soulful realism and striking depth, while incorporating contemporary and impressionistic colors and textures, he works to blend styles to achieve a bold and bright style he calls "California Realism". Finding great depth and nuance in nature, while seeking to express the non-apparent reality, is his ultimate goal and fulfillment. To express the sublime aspects of nature, to capture the fleeting moment, or "rayon verte", when light deepens and warms the colors, to portray man's place in harmony with the natural world, to find eternity in the details of life, and to unravel the mystery of nature unfolding, are all his sources of inspiration.

His greatest influences are the Flemish painters Rubens, Vermeer and Rembrant, as well as the impressionists Degas, Renoir, Latrec, and Monet. Using shadow to define the light, attention to detail, enhancing contrast and color, and using multiple layers of paint and glazing to achieve depth and saturation, are all part of his technique. The effect of this blending of style and technique can sometimes border on the surreal, a vibrancy that speaks of life itself.

Gerrard's other interests include alternative health care and lifestyle, yoga and meditation, outdoor sports and adventures in nature, surfing and ocean diving, and not lastly preserving our world by raising awareness of social and environmental issues through evolutionary consciousness.

Gerrard's studies include painting and life drawing at:
Orange Coast College - Orange County, CA
Saddleback College - Orange County, CA
University of California - Santa Barbara, CA
Laguna College of Art - Laguna Beach, CA
Halback Art Studio - Dana Point, CA

Showings and Galleries:
Studio Les Erriens - Marsaz, France
Palais Delphinal - St. Donat, France
Office de Tourism Art Gallery - Tain L'Hermitage, France
Presence Art Gallery - Tucson, AZ
Cedros Village Fine Arts - Solana Beach, CA
Festival of Arts - Laguna Beach, CA
Henri Chastain Art Gallery - Scottsdale, AZ
Art Center Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA
Bill Debilzan Gallery - Laguna Beach, CA

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